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The Light Dims: Remembering Yordano Ventura

It was easy to understand how fans of other teams found him, shall we say, egotistical. His fist pumps, his facial expressions, his arrogance even when he was getting beat; it all rubbed a lot of people the wrong way. … Continue reading

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Believe Nothing, But Believe In Something

You’ve likely seen it all over social media; for reasons personal, professional, public and political, 2016 has been the worst year in recent memory for many Americans. There has been no return to casual discourse, no sense of normalcy and … Continue reading

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The Dream Is Real: Kansas City Royals Win the 2015 World Series

There’s a fantastic moment in the third Matrix movie (probably the only good scene in it, actually) when Morpheus is told, SPOILER ALERT, that the war is over. While other people hugged and cheered, Morpheus just stood with a contemplative … Continue reading

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Major League Baseball Players Are Whiny Babies

There seems to be an epidemic recently within the game of baseball. It is not the use of replay or a shortage of sunflower seeds, it is players getting unnecessarily offended because someone on the other team violated the ever-changing “unwritten … Continue reading

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12 Days on the Mountain: A Story of Survival

There were many things I did wrong that day. They will all become apparent as the story unfolds. What I want anyone who reads this to get out of it is a lesson. Do not make the same mistakes I made. Saturday … Continue reading

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The Royals’ Magical Season, and Hope That the Best Is Yet To Come

According to my handy Weather Channel app, the sun rose at approximately 7:41 A.M. Central Sunlight Time on Thursday morning. I woke up maybe an hour after this, and saw sunlight coming in through the window. I did not have … Continue reading

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The Kansas City Royals: Spring Cleaning

Speaking by the calendar, summer doesn’t officially begin until June 21st, so the title is accurate. The month of May is clearly the Royals least favorite month of the year; an 8-20 record in this month last year will probably lead … Continue reading

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