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Do You Feel Safe Yet?

I really don’t think there’s anyone left; Mexicans, Muslims, Jews, his staff, the media, other politicians; the man has made an enemy out of everyone he can. And I say good. Anyone who isn’t rich, white, heterosexual and/or a man … Continue reading

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Guest Post: President Obama’s Farewell Address, and Hope the Best Is Yet To Come

A good friend of mine will be attending President Barack Obama’s farewell address tonight in Chicago. She had a few thoughts about the finality of his presidency, surviving the next four years, and where we as a nation go from … Continue reading

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Believe Nothing, But Believe In Something

You’ve likely seen it all over social media; for reasons personal, professional, public and political, 2016 has been the worst year in recent memory for many Americans. There has been no return to casual discourse, no sense of normalcy and … Continue reading

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The Problem With All Lives Matter

“I don’t know.” Those are the words that, according to Charles Kinsey, were used by the police officer who shot him. This answer was given to Kinsey’s rather reasonable question, “Why did you shoot me?” The officer’s answer, in three … Continue reading

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Sam Brownback: Still Out Here Ruining Kansas

It was just a little over a year ago that I wrote about what the criminal Sam Brownback was doing to my home state of Kansas. Since then, he has not slowed down and he has not stopped. He is … Continue reading

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Guns: Where Violence and Apathy Collide

It’s become routine. A gunman, or gunmen, commits mass murder on an unsuspecting populace, a bluster back and forth goes on for a couple of days and then, like an elderly person with Alzheimer’s, we all just forget what we … Continue reading

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Bleeding Kansas, 2.0: the Delusional Sam Brownback

Kansas is my home. My parents moved my 5 year old self, plus my 4 and 1 year old brothers to Overland Park in 1993. I graduated from Blue Valley North High School in 2006, and then from the University … Continue reading

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