More on Brian…

SiegeMedia-22 copy1Brian Clausen graduated from the University of Kansas in May of 2010 with a degree in English, and a minor in History. He still considers the best night of his life to be celebrating the 2008 national championship on Massachusetts St.

Other than obscure movie references and cartoons, Brian enjoys all sports and music, particularly Bruce Springsteen and Dave Matthews Band.

Seinfeld references abound.


6 Responses to More on Brian…

  1. Bissy says:

    DMB…deep tracks only

    Excited to read some more posts


  2. Nasty Nate says:

    Dave Sucks, but is a laugh riot in Just Go With It. Bruce has some good stuff, though is pretty repetitive.


    • bwclausen says:

      I will admit Dave would not win any American Idol contests, but thanks to funky melodies and great musicians, his band puts on an awesome show. And if you think Bruce is repetitive, you should listen to other songs besides “Born in the USA.” I recommend “Spirit in the Night” or “Badlands” to get started.


  3. dan says:

    great blog, i can hear your voice as i read. it’s a beautiful thing


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