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The Light Dims: Remembering Yordano Ventura

It was easy to understand how fans of other teams found him, shall we say, egotistical. His fist pumps, his facial expressions, his arrogance even when he was getting beat; it all rubbed a lot of people the wrong way. … Continue reading

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The 10 Most Fantastically Evil Songs Ever Created

It’s tough to know what to do right now.¬†So many examples exist of the type of incompetent, petulant and inexperienced¬†presidency we’ll have under he who shall not be named. Those who rely on Planned Parenthood for health screenings are worried … Continue reading

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Guest Post: President Obama’s Farewell Address, and Hope the Best Is Yet To Come

A good friend of mine will be attending President Barack Obama’s farewell address tonight in Chicago. She had a few thoughts about the finality of his presidency, surviving the next four years, and where we as a nation go from … Continue reading

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