Everything’s More Superstitious in Texas

As a “blogger,” my main goal is to tell my few yet faithful readers about things they wouldn’t otherwise hear, or give a fresh opinion on a major sports or music story. I could write about Tiger Woods, but Rick Reilly beat me to the punch. Rory McIlroy just needs to be left alone to drown in his sorrows at any of his local Irish establishments; I’m sure he won’t have a problem getting a drink. Dave Matthews Band announced their lineups for Atlantic City and Chicago stops, but I know that most, if not all, of you couldn’t care less. So, what can I tell you guys about? What is so obscure that there is no way any of you would have heard about it? I found that story, and I’m going to share it with you:

Two Western Hills High School (Ft. Worth area) baseball players have been barred from the team for the remainder of the 2011 season for sacrificing live chickens in order to break out of an early season slump. I am not making this up. According to this article, the two teens, who remain nameless, thought that this would improve the team’s 7-14 record. I do not want to get into any political discussion about PETA or the Humane Society. Quite honestly, chickens and cows were put on this earth for one reason, and that is protein nourishment. Does that mean I think what the teens did is right? No, especially since they reportedly were baby chicks. I still couldn’t help but chuckle when I first read the headline, though. C’mon, how many of us laugh at this scene from Bull Durham? I’ll warn you the foul (no pun intended) language used is uncensored, so if you are around children or at work, best save this video viewing for later. Relevant material starts at 1:19.

Baseball players are the most superstitious athletes in the world. They will do just about anything to try and break out of a slump. That is what these kids were trying to do. I am not condoning their actions by any means. All I’m doing here is giving them a tiny bit of extra publicity; they’ll probably get a note from PETA, and have to attend a local Humane Society meeting, along with sitting out the rest of the season. I’m sure the latter of the punishments is what hurts them the most. They will get their 15 minutes of fame and hopefully will be allowed to return to their team next season. In the meantime, I think this is another good opportunity to be glad in the fact that most Major League Baseball stadiums are not within close range of farmland.

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4 Responses to Everything’s More Superstitious in Texas

  1. Razab says:

    I feel the scene from Major League where Cerrano wants to sacrifice a whole chicken, and Taylor brings him a KFC bucket of fried chicken would be a more appropriate reference.


  2. mom says:

    This reminds me that we are out of milk. Could you please pick some up on your way home? Thanks!


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