All Things Music: Vol. 1

The music industry has had a rough go of it lately; dwindling album sales (not including Taylor Swift), mostly because of the continuing popularity of illegal downloading sites, and skyrocketing ticket prices have forced many fans to keep their money in their pockets and stay home. Although Ticketmaster/Live Nation has stated they will lower prices for the 2011 concert season – or at least make them less deceiving by including all fees up front rather than later in the purchasing process – it’s been a roller coaster ride recently for all things music. But every once in a while, they have days where all is redeemed.

Bob Seger confirmed a 2011 tour two weeks ago, the first time he will tour in four years. Not all dates have been confirmed yet, but ticket prices are far less than most of the public expected, ranging from 68-80 bucks per ticket. When Eric Clapton charges upwards of $170 – but does have more modestly priced tickets closer to $60 – $80 is a steal for a legend like Bob Seger. For a list of his confirmed dates, visit

Bonnaroo announced their 2011 festival lineup yesterday, the 15th. Headliners such as Eminem, Widespread Panic and String Cheese Incident will draw a large, and certainly diverse, crowd – as they normally do. This being their 10th anniversary, expect a few surprises up their sleeves. Rumors abound of Dr. Dre making an appearance. For complete lineup and ticket prices, visit

And finally, it was announced last month that although Dave Matthews Band will be taking 2011 off from touring, they are planning four multi-artist festival dates this summer. While nothing has been announced officially, rumors circulate of dates and artists. Each will have 50+ bands, and last three days. Again, nothing official, but a DJ for a radio station in Buffalo, NY posted a video on YouTube (EDIT, 02/17, 12:15 p.m.: the video has been removed, most likely due to inaccuracies of some sort) , announcing these dates:

June 24-26, Bader Field, Atlantic City NJ                                                                                 July 8-10, Grant Park, Chicago, IL                                                                                             August 26-28, Governor’s Island, NYC                                                                                     September 2-4, The Gorge, Washington

Whether all these are true remains to be seen, as he also announces ticket on-sale dates, even though nothing has been confirmed on the band’s website. Rumors of what other artists are joining DMB continue to swirl on fan message boards, but the two most commonly mentioned potential co-headliners are Phish and Pearl Jam. Look out for that soon.

More positive music news to come, hopefully something that involves a constitutional amendment outlawing Ticketmaster/Live Nation (as well as the designated hitter).

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3 Responses to All Things Music: Vol. 1

  1. Scott Clausen says:

    hell yeah t swift.


  2. Brittan says:

    DMB + Pearl Jam = Brittan could die happy


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