Vast Moneys

My name is Brian. I’m unemployed and I live with my parents.

Now that you know me and the reasons for starting this blog, let’s make this first post worthwhile.

I was telling a good friend of mine a while back that I had recently lost about a hundred bucks playing blackjack at the casino. His response was less than consoling: “Brian, next time you have the urge to do that, take that money, put it in an envelope, and mail it to me. I will make better use of it for you.” At the time, I laughed, but then I realized I disagree with this statement. There is no better way to spend money than by gambling it. Clearly the rest of the country agrees.

For the 2011 Super Bowl, a total of $87.5 million was gambled across the state of Nevada at their casinos, according to a Los Angeles Times article. Clearly the recession has not eradicated good folks’ will to gamble, as that total is up $5.5 million from last year. That’s just for the state of Nevada, too. I’m sure millions more were wagered in friendly bets across the United States. That’s not the best part though; Nevada casinos only made a profit of $724,000; that’s THOUSAND, no misplaced commas or forgotten zeroes there.

I personally took great joy in this. It’s about time the house came out a little in the red. It’s Nevada’s fault too. The line for the game was 2.5. This one would be tricky – without the benefit of hindsight as we all now have – but clearly many thought it was an easy line to pick. The over/under was 45 (that’s for points scored, not for the amount of people who would legitimately like the Black Eyed Peas half time performance). That was where the casinos fouled up. The last time these two teams played in 2009, the score was 38-37. There was no reason to suspect a different outcome this year. So everyone and their mother took the over, and won handsomely for it.

So congratulations America, take pride in this victory, because, as the odds state, this will probably not happen again for a while. At least until card counting is no longer frowned upon, or until Number Two’s x-ray glasses can be mass-produced. We all like to live dangerously, sir.

Thanks to Aaron Rodgers, not only did these cheese-heads celebrate a SB victory, they probably won a little money in the process. Photo courtesy

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4 Responses to Vast Moneys

  1. Bill Crouch says:

    Brian, great takes! Keep them coming.


  2. Taylor Cook says:

    Response to Vast Moneys:

    Love the opening. Just like George Costanza.


  3. Taylor says:

    Here it is…


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